Would I Give Everything?

What are you willing to give? What would it take for you to become bitter towards God? What would it take for you to turn your back on your faith? This is a question I have thought a lot about recently. What do I value more than my relationship with God? Relationships? Family? Career? Entertainment?... Continue Reading →

Crazy, Inseparable Love

Nothing can separate us from the Love of Christ. Think about that! That's crazy. I've been reading through Romans in my devotional time and man. I've never really pondered that thought. Nothing in the whole world can separate us from the Love of Christ. In Romans 8 Paul says: "For I am sure that neither... Continue Reading →

The True Story of Job

When I was younger, reading the story of Job seemed simple. Job goes through immense pressure and heartache. He trusts God through the struggle, and God blesses him for it. He finally gets all of his stuff back. But two years ago at camp, after studying the book for a whole month, I realized the... Continue Reading →

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