Four Signs of a Fruitful Christian

I'm no gardener. The last time I tried to grow anything was for a junior high science fair project that I'm still trying to erase from memory. Though Better Homes and Gardens will never feature my writing in an article entitled something like "5 Tips for a Bountiful Garden," I still know enough about plants... Continue Reading →

Christ’s Farewell, Our Response

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what final advice and encouragement would you offer to those you would leave behind? Consider carefully--this will be your last chance to impart wisdom to your loved ones. More than likely, your final words will reflect what you deem most important, the principles dearest to your... Continue Reading →

When God Says Wait

On March 27, 2018, I opened my P.O. box to find a letter--THE letter--that I had been anxiously awaiting, the one that would decide the next year of my life. With pounding heart and trembling hands, I tore the envelope's seal, careful to avoid also ripping the contents inside. My heart sank as the crisp... Continue Reading →

Refined by Fire

In May of 2014, the doors to the famous cathedral of Notre Dame swung open, and I beheld its breathtaking beauty for the first time. On April 15, 2019, I tuned into FOX News to see thousands of Parisians watch in jaw-dropped horror as the blaze engulfed this historic landmark beloved by France and all... Continue Reading →

Fair-weather Christians

Full disclosure: I don't often watch college sports. The only NCAA basketball I watched during March Madness 2019 was the end of the Virginia-Auburn game, and that was because my dad rushed in the room in the middle of my workout to tell me what a nail-biter it was. All of you Virginia fans (congrats... Continue Reading →

Lost: Myself

"What am I even doing with my life?" "I feel like I have no sense of direction." "I just need to take some time to find myself." Can you relate? It's probably safe to say that most of us have experienced similar feelings of restlessness at some point in our lives. You may even be... Continue Reading →

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