When a Parent is no Parent

Parents are not all that they seem. While growing up you remember being afraid of them when you’re a brat and of getting spanked if caught. Perhaps you even hated them at times, or just simply wondered why they were such grumps and killjoys. But then as you grew up, you realized how much they […]

Fair-weather Christians

Full disclosure: I don't often watch college sports. The only NCAA basketball I watched during March Madness 2019 was the end of the Virginia-Auburn game, and that was because my dad rushed in the room in the middle of my workout to tell me what a nail-biter it was. All of you Virginia fans (congrats... Continue Reading →

Lost: Myself

"What am I even doing with my life?" "I feel like I have no sense of direction." "I just need to take some time to find myself." Can you relate? It's probably safe to say that most of us have experienced similar feelings of restlessness at some point in our lives. You may even be... Continue Reading →

Would I Give Everything?

What are you willing to give? What would it take for you to become bitter towards God? What would it take for you to turn your back on your faith? This is a question I have thought a lot about recently. What do I value more than my relationship with God? Relationships? Family? Career? Entertainment?... Continue Reading →

Love and Marriage

It feels pretty strange to be writing a blog post about marriage since I am, in fact, not married. Lest you worry, it won't be a list of how I think all the married people should be acting or tips on how to make married life easier. My hope is that these words will direct... Continue Reading →

Dangerous (un)Repentance

“I fell again. Why can’t I be free of this?? Surely other Christians don’t sin as much as I do. I must really be exhausting to God. I feel so dirty and this constant repenting feels so cliche. I know He’ll never stop loving me, but honestly.. He’s got to be tired of forgiving me. ”... Continue Reading →

Remember the Cliffs

My dad and I are travel junkies. If you mention the possibility of taking a trip to a foreign country, he and I jump into action looking at plane ticket prices and reading Travelocity ads about the top 10 things to do in that country. Dad has a huge framed map in his office entitled... Continue Reading →

Crazy, Inseparable Love

Nothing can separate us from the Love of Christ. Think about that! That's crazy. I've been reading through Romans in my devotional time and man. I've never really pondered that thought. Nothing in the whole world can separate us from the Love of Christ. In Romans 8 Paul says: "For I am sure that neither... Continue Reading →

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